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Dynamic price

What is a dynamic exchange price?

It is a plan based on the wholesale electricity price, which is formed on the "Nord Pool" electricity exchange in the Lithuanian price zone. The price varies hourly and is presented the day before, so you can plan electricity consumption yourself — home heating, ventilation, electric car charging or other more energy-consuming devices, to activate when the lowest price on the exchange is formed.

This plan is suitable for those who want to engage more actively in the management of electricity consumption and exploit the advantages of dynamic price fluctuations on the exchange in the longer term.

You can check the next day's price here.

Dynamic exchange price

Why choose the dynamic exchange price?

We are 100% committed to a sustainable future. That is why we provide the homes of all customers with 100% renewable electricity.


In the long term, due to fluctuations in the market, the Dynamic Exchange Price is generally more favorable than the Fixed Price.

Green energy

All electricity that we buy on the stock exchange will be produced 100% from (Lithuanian/local) renewable energy sources.

Nature friendly

Zero CO2 emissions to generate your electricity.

Real price

When buying at a stock exchange price, you will always be sure that the price you pay reflects the real market situation.

Need advice or find it difficult to decide?

Interesting facts about Dynamic exchange price

Popular in business

A large proportion of business clients in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries consume electricity at dynamic price


This is the average amount saved in the long term by a resident by choosing a dynamic exchange price instead of a fixed one

TOP Scandinavia

The most popular product in Scandinavian countries

Frequently asked questions

To conclude an agreement with Enefit, you can do so especially easily in a distance way. Select the desired product and click “Conclude a contract”. You can use this service by having a mobile signature or a qualified SMART ID identifier.

Otherwise, the contract is concluded by sending personal data by e-mail: elektra@enefit.lt. After choosing this way, please send us your name, personal number, contact phone number and email address and the address of the object where Enefit services will be provided. Or just fill out this form - https://bit.ly/2Tti33R

You will receive an employee's call and that's it — the contract is concluded! After signing it, we will take care of all administrative issues: we will change your current electricity supplier and inform him and the "Energy distribution operator" (ESO) that you have chosen Enefit.

We would like to remind you that all contracts concluded with Enefit are of an indefinite duration. This means that you do not have a long-term commitment with us, and you can change your chosen product. As well as choose another electricity supplier.

The price of electricity is constantly changing all over the world. This process takes place due to various circumstances: the supply of electricity generation, the need for consumption, the capacity of the NordBalt and LitPol Link supply connections between different regions. Changes in electricity prices are also influenced by weather conditions - precipitation, wind, sun, temperature changes, as well as the changing economic and political situation in the world.

The price of electricity changes every hour, so the differences are felt both daily and monthly. It starts to rise early in the morning and fall in the evening, for example, at night it can be twice as low as during the day. Seasonally, electricity is more expensive in summer and cheaper in spring and autumn.

Sometimes it can drop to a negative price. In this case, we pay for the electricity you consume.

Fluctuations in the power exchange price depend directly on a number of circumstances. At some point, the exchange price is negative - then we pay for the electricity you use. At other times, however, electricity prices can rise sharply if, for example, connections fail.

We invite you to watch all the fluctuations of the power exchange live here.

The electricity price you pay consists of the current hourly electricity price of the Nord Pool electricity sales exchange and the set electricity transmission prices and other taxes applied by the state.

If you have smart - automated - meters and electricity, you buy Nord Pool at hourly rates, which you can find out the next day from 14:00. This makes it so easy to plan your energy consumption. You can see what the price of electricity will be tomorrow, as the data from the daily smart meters is calculated exactly on an hourly basis.

The final price per kWh of non-automated meters is calculated by comparing the current and previous month's hourly rates. These data are available on the Nord Pool Exchange website. The price for each hour is multiplied by the amount of electricity you consume in that hour.

The hourly electricity consumption of non-automated meters is distributed to you according to the balance schedule. It consists of AB Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius (ESO), based on the total electricity consumption of non-automated meters throughout Lithuania. The graph may show a minimum error of the sixth to ninth decimal place, which has no effect due to low consumption.

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