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About us

Together we create new energy


Enefit is a green energy solutions company that offers a comprehensive range of services and tools, from green electricity supply to smart energy storage management, to meet individual electricity needs efficiently and intelligently. The company's ambition is to create a green ecosystem for its customers, where various green solutions can work together synergistically.

The company commenced operations in Lithuania in 2007 and currently ranks second in the market in terms of electricity supply to customers. Enefit is part of Eesti Energia, the largest Baltic electricity generation and trading group, which operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Finland. Enefit Volt's public EV charging network in the Baltics and Poland is currently the second largest in terms of the number of charging stations available to customers.

In addition to Enefit, Enefit Green, the largest wind power producer in the Baltics and Lithuania, also operates in Lithuania. Together, these companies employ more than 120 people in the country

Electricity – Lt-NET-24, 2007-05-04
Gas – L2-20 (GDT), 2012-09-07 Nr. 03-215

Enefit history

Enefit starts operations in Lithuania
The first LITGRID Award for the most accurate predicted consumption
Launching of Green Electricity Trading
Natural Gas Trade Launches
We reached 1,000 customers
Energy Efficiency Solutions offered
The largest project of modernization of urban street lighting based on ESCO started in Lithuania

Eesti Energia company group

Eesti Energia Group is the largest producer of electricity from traditional and renewable sources in the Baltic States, producing electricity from shale gas, wind, biomass and secondary waste. In 2019, the company celebrated its 80th anniversary.

In the year 2018, Eesti Energia acquired Nelja Energia's wind power development company, thus becoming the largest wind producer in the Baltic States. The company's goal is to reach 40% of electricity production from renewable sources by 2022.

The group of companies intensively develops its activities in the Baltic States, Finland, Poland, Germany and the USA and Jordan.

Our customers


We provide services to more than 1,500 business customers in Lithuania. Since 2017, the company's sales have increased by more than 40% to more than 1 TWh.


We strive to combine innovative technologies with Enefit knowledge and good Scandinavian practice by developing energy management solutions for private customers.

Our team

Enefit develops its activities with the help of energy market experts and professionals in digital technology and marketing fields, in order to combine a wide range of experience in creating innovative solutions that are targeted to the real needs of the client.

We believe in the sustainable transformation of the energy market, the main factors of which are environmentally friendly business development, innovative technologies and constant dialogue with customers, allowing us to create the perspective of tomorrow's energy user.