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Green energy

to your house without extra costs

Frequently asked questions

To conclude an agreement with Enefit, you can do so especially easily in a distance way. Select the desired product and click “Conclude a contract”. You can use this service by having a mobile signature or a qualified SMART ID identifier.

Otherwise, the contract is concluded by sending personal data by e-mail: elektra@enefit.lt. After choosing this way, please send us your name, personal number, contact phone number and email address and the address of the object where Enefit services will be provided. Or just fill out this form - https://bit.ly/2Tti33R

You will receive an employee's call and that's it — the contract is concluded! After signing it, we will take care of all administrative issues: we will change your current electricity supplier and inform him and the "Energy distribution operator" (ESO) that you have chosen Enefit.

We would like to remind you that all contracts concluded with Enefit are of an indefinite duration. This means that you do not have a long-term commitment with us, and you can change your chosen product. As well as choose another electricity supplier.

100% of our electricity is produced in Lithuania from renewable energy sources. Green electricity is produced for you by local producers and by "Enefit Green" managed wind, solar and other renewable natural sources power plants.

This green "Enefit" electricity reaches your home through your already installed electrical wires, a separate technology and infrastructure is not needed for this solution. We confirm the supply of environmentally friendly energy by issuing a guarantee of origin for the quantity of electricity. Their register is administered by Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator "Litgrid".

We invite you to learn more: https://www.litgrid.eu/index.php/paslaugos/kilmes-garantiju-suteikimas/kilmes-garantiju-administravimas/562

Each of our clients can choose the Enefit product they want and find most suitable for themselves.

The first – Fixed prices – ensures that in the next two years electricity will be supplied to you at a stable and unchangeable "Enefit" electricity price (Supply service price). This choice makes it easy to plan your expenses.

By setting the price term, we undertake not to change it for the entire duration of the contract. At the end of the latter, we will review the price and, taking into account the market situation, we will leave it the same or offer a new one. However, the changes in the terms will be notified at least 30 days before the end of the contract, and you will have the right to disagree with them and terminate the contract.

The second product – Dynamic prices – guarantees that you will pay the current wholesale price for electricity without overpaying.

It's easier to make a decision and choose the most suitable Enefit product for yourself, you can learn more about them here and here.

"Enefit" can be chosen as an independent supplier by all electricity producing users, no matter how much energy they produce and consume. This means that we supply the amount of green energy that you lack.

The amount of your accumulated electricity does not disappear anywhere — you can transfer it to us or receive compensation from the current supplier.

The rates of electricity supply and transmission services remain unchanged. You can find them here.

When choosing a new, independent electricity supplier, there is no need to change the meters. You can use the old ones installed by the "Energijos skirstymo operatorius" (ESO) (Energy distribution operator). The latter will ensure and provide all necessary maintenance.

Need advice or find it difficult to decide?

Electrical equipment insurance

By choosing to insure the electrical equipment in your home, you protect yourself from unexpected expenses and receive compensation up to €1,500 2000 for electrical equipment damaged by high or low voltage, current faults or even natural phenomena, such as lightning strikes.

Join us on the journey to zero!

Everyone's habits have an impact on achieving climate neutrality. In energy, the green revolution means a gradual transition to green electricity. By letting green energy into your life, you reduce carbon emissions and your environmental footprint.

Explore the possibilities

Why is it worth to choose "Enefit"?


We work hard to make our price one of the best in the market, thus reducing your electricity bill.


You don't have to go anywhere, you can sign a contract online or by calling us by phone.


Every kilowatt hour that comes to our customers' home is made from Lithuanian renewable energy sources: wind, sun and water. And most importantly, we are one of the largest producers of green wind power.


Enefit belongs to the Estonian capital Eesti Energia company group, which operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland.

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