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Fixed price

What is a fixed price?

It is a plan based on a fixed price of electricity, which is determined on the date of conclusion of the contract. Our fixed price rate will protect against price increases even for 24 or 36 months, the guarantee does not apply to the state regulated part of the price and VAT. This choice makes it easy to plan your expenses.

After recording the price in the contract, it remains stable throughout the duration of the contract. At the end of the latter, we will review the price and leave the same or offer a new one, and you can renew or terminate the existing contract.

We buy green energy from the following renewable sources:

We are 100% committed to a sustainable future. That is why we provide the homes of all customers with 100% renewable electricity.

Stable price

Regardless of fluctuations in the electricity market, the price remains the same until the contractual deadline, after which the price is reviewed again.

Lithuanian green energy

100% renewable electricity from our wind turbines.

Nature friendly

Zero CO2 emissions to generate your electricity.


Fixed price for 24 months, you can feel safe when planning costs.

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