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Fixed price

What is a fixed price?

For customers looking to plan their spending and save money, Enefit offers fixed price electricity plans to ensure stability in a constantly fluctuating electricity market.

The fixed price protects you from changes in electricity market prices and ensures a stable electricity supply price for 6, 12 or 24 months. It can help you plan your personal finances and save money.

Once the price is fixed in a contract, it remains stable for the life of the contract - the price only changes if the government-regulated part of the price or other taxes such as VAT change.

At the end of the contract period you have chosen, we will provide you with an updated price offer. The new offer may be different from the previous one, as the price is set each time according to the actual market situation and the futures.

Why choose Enefit's fixed price plans?

Stable price

Regardless of fluctuations in the electricity market, the price remains the same until the end of the contract. This allows you to conveniently plan your costs.

Local green energy

All the electricity supplied to residential customers is 100% generated from renewable Baltic electricity sources.

A contribution to a more sustainable tomorrow

By choosing green electricity, you are each helping to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Green electricity for your home

When you choose an independent electricity supplier like Enefit, you can be sure that you are using 100% green electricity, as all the energy supplied to domestic electricity consumers is generated from renewable energy sources. What's more, there are no extra charges.

All the green electricity supplied by Enefit to residential customers is produced in the Baltic States. Enefit's main energy producer and wind farm developer is Enefit Green, which currently operates a total of 22 wind farms, 5 of which are in Lithuania. In addition to Enefit Green, Enefit Lithuania also buys wind, solar and other renewable energy from other local producers.

Data shows that by choosing green energy, one household can reduce global CO2 emissions by around 4,650 kg per year. This is roughly the equivalent of 1 940 litres of fuel.

In 2022, private and business customers choosing green electricity from Enefit saved the equivalent of:

  • 1,447,254 people who do not eat meat for one year
  • 24 952 659 trees planted
  • 222 874 single passenger flights around the world
Choose a plan

Different plans tailored to your needs

When choosing which time to fix the price, you can also choose between two different time zone plans: one time zone and two time zones.

If you choose a single time zone tariff, the price will remain the same at any time of the day or week. Meanwhile, a dual time zone tariff means that the price varies between days, nights and weekends. It is important to note that the price of electricity is always lower at night and at weekends.

So - if you spend little time at home on weekdays and use more electricity at nights and weekends, we recommend you choose a dual time zone tariff. You can also plan your electricity consumption with this plan to save money, for example by only connecting your dishwasher or washing machine at night or on weekends. Conversely, if your daily electricity consumption is roughly even, it is worth choosing a single time zone tariff.

What is the price of electricity?

The final electricity price is made up of two main components - the price of the supply and purchase of electricity by the independent electricity supplier, and the price of the state-regulated part (the price of ESO's transmission service, the VIAP, and the additional component for distribution services).

Enefit's electricity supply price, under the chosen plan, is the price of the electricity purchase and supply service, which is fixed for the entire contract period.

The price of the additional electricity components is regulated by the State. These prices are subject to change in January and July:

  • The price of ESO's electricity transmission service is based on the selected tariff plan ("Standartinis", "Namai", "Namai plius"). The price of the transmission service includes the transmission and system services provided by Litgrid and the distribution service.
  • The price of the service of public interest (VIAP) is aimed at the implementation of the strategic objectives of the State's energy, economic and/or environmental policy in the energy sector and the renewable energy sector.
  • The additional component of the price for transmission/distribution services is intended to compensate for the difference between the public supplier's actual and forecast reasonable costs.

Why choose an independent supplier?

  • If you don't choose an independent supplier, you will be covered by a guaranteed supply service, during which you will be supplied with electricity by ESO. If you do not sign a contract with an independent supplier within 6 months of the start of the guarantee period, ESO will have the right to terminate the guarantee period.
  • The price of the guaranteed supply will be recalculated monthly, based on the average Nord pool Lithuanian price zone electricity exchange price for the previous month, with a coefficient of 1.15, making it 15% more expensive than the average exchange price.
  • In addition, you will have to pay ESO for electricity transmission under the existing ESO plan, the price of the service of public interest (VIAP) and the distribution services component.
  • The price of the public electricity supply is fully regulated by the State. Meanwhile, the presence of several independent suppliers makes the price more competitive, ensuring that the consumer receives better conditions and a wider range of offers.

Need advice or find it difficult to decide?