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Solar power plant

After installing a solar power plant, you will reduce your costs for electricity by consuming 100% green energy

Business support is planned

Calls for support for solar power and storage facilities are planned in October, 2022.

Very small, small enterprises, farmers and RES associations will be able to apply.

The estimated amount of support is 78.8 million Eur.

We recommend you apply for the offer now and start the preparation.

We have several solutions for business

Solar energy

for those who wants to invest in a solar power plant

Total cost of the solar power plant

Monthly fee


Contract period
No binding contract after the solar power plant is completed

Solar energy in instalments

for those who wants to invest in a solar power plant and spread the investment over a longer period of time by paying for the park in instalments

0 €

Monthly fee
Fixed monthly fee

Enefit Green until the last monthly instalment

Contract period
5-25 years

Solar energy as a service on a PPA basis

for those who doesn’t want to make a capital investment and deal with maintenance and administration

0 €

Monthly fee
Fixed monthly fee for produced electricity

Enefit Green until the end of contract

Contract period
5-25 years

Solar energy

We have prepared a special package for business customers installing Enefit solar power plant

  • We will supply the missing electricity at no extra charge all year round.
  • The missing energy can also come from renewable sources, so you will be the consumers of 100% Green Energy.
  • Equipment – of a high quality from the world's leading manufacturers, carefully selected.
  • From design to panel assembly and launch – without any worries.
  • We take care of the necessary operating permits and network connection documents.

Solar power plant installation on the basis of leasing contract

The leasing agreement allows the customer to use the solar power plant without initial capital investments. The costs of installing and operating the power plant are covered by the payment of fixed contributions by the customer during the financing period, and the customer benefits from the electricity produced by the solar power plant from the first day.

Why is it worth to choose "Enefit"?

  • No initial capital investment
  • 100% green energy
  • Long-term guarantees for equipment and smooth operation

Installation of a solar power plant on a PPA basis

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is a long-term (15-25 years) solar electricity purchase agreement whereby the customer undertakes to buy electricity at a fixed price without incurring direct capital investments. Enefit installs, maintains and takes care of a solar power plant located on the roof of the customer's building or on a piece of land. This service includes financing, project preparation, service, warranties and insurance. The PPA agreement enables the electricity price to be fixed throughout the contract period, thus ensuring stable costs and possibly lower than the fixed futures price of electricity.

Why choose a PPA model?

  • No capital investment
  • Protection against rising electricity prices
  • 100% green energy
  • No risks, operating and servicing costs

Implemented projects

Dairy farm solar power plant

We installed a solar power plant with a capacity of 174 kW, consisting of 644 solar panels, on the roof of dairy farm. The customer has chosen a solution where he did not have to invest but pay a fixed price for the electricity generated by the solar power plant. This solution was appealing to the customer that electricity produced can be cheaper than electricity purchased from the network. Also, the price of solar energy is fixed for the entire contract period, so the more electricity price increases in the future, the greater the savings for the customer. The installed system covers about 15% of the customer's total annual electricity consumption, including more than a half of the company's daily consumption from April to August.

Printing house solar power plant

We built a solar power plant with a capacity of 216 kW, consisting of 800 solar panels. The installed system covers 20% of the total annual electricity consumption of the printing house and covers almost 3000 m2 of ground.

Solar power plant at Supermarket

We installed 560 solar panels on one of the largest shopping centres, with a total power of 151 kW. The installed turnkey system covers 4% of the centre's annual electricity consumption. The project was complicated by a multi-level roof with several ventilation units. To ensure safety and bearing capacity, we made the required design calculations.

Eel trading company solar power plant

We built a 230 kW solar power plant on the property and rooftop of the eel trading company, which allows the company to mitigate the risk of rising market prices of electricity because the favourable electricity price is fixed in the contract for 25 years. The plant was designed with the energy needs of eel farming in mind, to cover all fish farming electricity needs and to sell the rest of the electricity to the network.

Why a solar power plant is a smart investment?

  • This is a great way to reduce electricity costs.
  • Possibility to be independent of electricity price fluctuation in the market.
  • Consuming the energy from renewable sources contributes to halting global warming and wins the hearts of consumers.

Green Energy sign

Our corporate clients who use Green Energy are entitled to use the Green Energy label in the company's activities for marketing purposes.

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Another energy efficiency solution

Modernization of lighting

Modernization of lighting that does not require direct investment by the customer. In this case, Enefit replaces old luminaires with LED lighting solutions that improve the quality of lighting and significantly reduce the cost of electricity