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Dynamic “TTF ICE” price

Gas product

What is a dynamic "TTF ICE" price?

It is a product consisting of a monthly fluctuating gas price on the TTF ICE gas exchange.

Why choose the dynamic TTF ICE price?

  • Possibility to buy natural gas at the "TTF ICE" exchange price
  • Designed for companies that use gas all year round, not only in the cold season
  • Over a long period of time, a dynamic price for gas may be more favourable than a fixed price due to fluctuations in the market
  • Helps reduce gas costs for companies that can flexibly plan gas consumption depending on price increases or decreases

Becoming an Enefit customer is quick and easy

Electricity is like fuel for your car: you will buy it where it is better.


Fill out the request and sign the contract


From the agreed date, use Enefit gas products

Other natural gas product

Fixed price

For companies that want to plan and forecast their long-term costs