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Green Energy

Green Energy comes from 100% renewable energy resources

Renewable energy comes from resources that cannot be used up and that are renewed faster than they are consumed.

Renewable energy is energy generated from:

  • wind, sun, biomass, and geothermal, hydrothermal, sea and other hydro sources;
  • gas and biogas from waste processing plants and wastewater purification plants.

The renewable energy supplied by Enefit is wind and hydro energy produced at Eesti Energia wind parks and hydropower stations.

The Green Energy programme was started by Eesti Energia in 2001. At that time, Eesti Energia was the only company in Central and Eastern Europe offering renewable energy products to its customers.

When you buy Green Energy, you will have a guarantee that your energy consumption does not cause any CO2 emissions and you will have the right to use the Green Energy trademark on your products and in your marketing.

Why companies choose to include Green Energy in their portfolio of resources

  • Customers want green products
    By using environmentally sustainable energy and putting that label on the product, a manufacturer has much greater market potential in countries like the Nordic countries, Western Europe and Japan, where consumers care about the impact of the product manufacturing process on the environment.
  • Corporate policy of reducing CO2 emissions for international concerns
    The majority of large international companies have a CO2 emission reduction plan in which the switch from fossil energy to renewable energy is one of main elements of the sustainability strategy.
  • Requirements for international certificates
    Various certificates like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Nordic Ecolabel (Swan) confirm that a company, its facilities or its products adhere to a specific set of criteria. One of the conditions for such certificates is that the company must use renewable energy resources in its core activities.
  • EU requirements, tax relief
    To get financing from EU structural funds, real estate developers in Estonia have to demonstrate that only minimal CO2 emissions are created during the construction process. One way of reducing such emissions is to use renewable energy resources.
  • An internal decision by company management to be more environmentally sustainable in their business activities
  • Rights to use Green Energy label in your marketing activities
    The label can be used on products, promotional materials, the company's website, and also on and inside buildings. Green energy brand book »

Green Energy supply terms

Green Energy supply terms are simple – you just have to sign a power supply agreement with Enefit confirming that you would like to receive Green Energy for a small additional fee.

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