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Energy storage

Store solar energy and time your electricity consumption

Produce and store green energy sustainably

Make the energy storage work for you. Trade on the energy market, store cheap energy or maximise the value of your solar power plant. We assist you in reaching your business objectives and optimising the potential of your solar power facility.

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Protect yourself from negative prices

Our intelligent technology automatically halts solar output in response to market prices dipping below price limits, safeguarding your investment and minimizing potential losses.

With our solution, you're always in control, maximizing revenue and minimizing risk, and protecting yourself from negative prices.

Advantages of using the energy storage

Reducing electricity costs

You can save up to 30% on electricity and network charges by consuming the electricity you generate and store yourself.

Opportunity to earn extra income

In addition to saving money on your electricity bill, you can also earn extra income from the flexibility markets.

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Automatic smart control

Our unique control algorithm is adaptive and does not require constant intervention. Automatically monitors energy markets and forecasts.

Reducing CO2 footprint

The use of stored solar energy will increase the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption and help to meet the green targets of the company.

Find the best solution for your business needs

Our partners are manufacturers of cutting-edge energy storage technologies. We will find the right energy storage device to meet your business goals and needs. By partnering with us, you can count on a smart and all-encompassing solution that can leverage adverse electricity pricing to benefit your business and generate additional income in flexibility markets.

We offer storage solutions with the nominal power from 100 kW and capacity of 200 kWh. Energy storage devices are generally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The unique smart battery solution tracks the market price automatically

Enefit's smart battery software allows you to manage your storage automatically, considering all relevant inputs, including the forecasts on your home's electricity consumption and generation. Our unique control algorithm is adaptive and does not require constant manual adjustment. With the help of the new solution, you can be sure that using a storage always guarantees you the greatest savings.

Flexibility markets offer a good opportunity to earn extra income

One of the biggest challenges in changing the electricity system is the need to maintain a balance between consumption and generation at all times. As the production cycle of renewable energy sources cannot be planned in advance, it is important to promote flexibility to ensure the stability of the system. Participation in flexibility markets helps to ensure balance in the electricity system, supports an increase in the share of renewable energy in the system and provides a good opportunity to generate additional revenue.

Why choose an energy storage device from Enefit?

A carefree and comprehensive solution

You can obtain both the suitable energy storage device and the required support services conveniently from a single source with us. If necessary, we can help you finance the investment.

We are energy experts

Together, we will find the right solution for your business.

Unique software

Our energy storage devices run on the smartest software on the market, giving you the biggest savings.

Always there for you

We are there for you, from the moment you sign the contract to the regular maintenance and disposal of your equipment.

Example solution

Every solar power plant is a special solution for us, designed around the specific characteristics of the building and your needs.
Our sales engineers are ready to help you find the best solution.

Estonia Farm's solar power plant

The client previously had a 150 kW solar power plant. The installation of the energy storage allowed the company to increase the capacity of its solar plant to 300kW without increasing the capacity of the connection point. In addition, a 150kW storage solution was installed to store excess solar energy and use it for consumption at times when the sun is not shining. In addition, the energy storage device also participates in flexibility markets to ensure profitability throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialists will find the right energy storage device for your company, based on your production/consumption history. Furthermore, we will consider your individual preferences for the energy storage system and assist you with our expertise.

The safety of a storage device depends on the technology of the device, its quality, the way it is installed and the way it is managed. We always use devices with a high level of fire safety.

The time needed to build the system and prepare the documentation depends on the nature of the solution.
  • The building of smaller storage solution projects takes around 6 months.
  • For larger storage solutions, we estimate that the complete solution can be ready in 12 months.
The storage system can be managed for several purposes.
  • Maintaining security of supply
    The energy storage device will continuously store a pre-set amount of energy as a back-up to protect the business against short-term power outages of up to a few hours.
  • Maximising the financial gain
    Our smart algorithm makes customer-specific predictions on consumption/generation and analyses different electricity markets to find the most optimal management logic for you. We trade with energy storage devices on all electricity markets.
  • Short-term increase in the capacity of the connection point
    The energy storage system can temporarily increase the capacity of the connection point if the situation so demands. In this way, it is possible to increase the capacity of your solar power plant without additional investments. Moreover, the augmented capacity can be employed to deliver extra power to an electric car's fast charger for a brief period, surpassing the limits of the grid.

You do not need to have solar panels to use an energy storage device. However, it should be borne in mind that solar panels are the primary component in your system that contributes the most to your system's savings.

Yes, it is possible to add a back-up function to the storage device on request, ensuring several hours of supply security for your business.

No, in the event of a power outage, the system will automatically disconnect from the external power grid. In the event of an outage, supplying electricity to the grid would pose a life-threatening risk to grid maintenance personnel.

The service life of a storage device depends on the technology, environment, quality and management of the device. If managed wisely, the service life of a storage device can be up to 20 years.

Large storage devices have a separate maintenance schedule that needs to be followed regularly to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.