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Green energy

Drive your business responsibly: Reduce CO2 and your costs

Why use green energy?

  • Your company will contribute to the conservation of nature.

  • Certificates proving the origin of Green Electricity shall be provided.

  • According to Article 48 (1) of the Law on excise duty of the Republic of Lithuania, your company will be exempt from excise duty.

Calculate the positive impact of green energy on environment!


reduction in CO2 emissions annually

not driven by a motor-vehicle

planted annually

Ideas for how to use the Green Energy sign in marketing

green energy
green energy
green energy
green energy

Sustainability guide

In this Sustainability Guide you will find more ideas on how to use our Green Energy label for marketing purposes.

green energy

Green Energy sign

Our corporate clients who use Green Energy are entitled to use the Green Energy label in the company's activities for marketing purposes.

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Brand Rules (pdf) »
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Logos (zip) »

Did you know?

  • A large number of big multinational companies have plans to reduce CO2 emissions, where one of the main aspirations is to replace energy produced from fossil fuels with energy from renewable sources.

  • The Green Energy label attracts more attention when trading in Scandinavian countries, Western Europe or Japan, where the sustainability of the production process and environmental impact are important for consumers.

  • It is required to obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Swan (Nordic Ecolabel) or other sustainability certificates.

Green Energy is available to all companies


Of our businesses are already consuming Green Energy

512.200 tonnes

of pollution was reduced by our business companies

Choose solution based on company’s annual consumption