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Finnish price

For those who want to save rationally

What is Finnish price?

Many know that electricity prices in Scandinavia are significantly lower due to existent connections and other reasons.

Therefore, to enable businesses to save even more, we have developed a special pricing system based on Finnish price.

Businesses operating in other Baltic countries are also taking advantage of favorable Scandinavian electricity prices: We supply electricity with this pricing to 1400 companies in Latvia and 350 companies in Estonia.

What constitutes Finnish price?

This pricing is composed of Fixed price in Finnish zone and difference between hourly Nord Pool electricity exchange prices in Finnish and Lithuanian zones.

Thus, electricity price for the client is calculated by following formula:

Electricity price = Finnish price* + (hourly exchange price in Lithuania - hourly exchange price in Finland)

* Finnish price is the fixed price determined in the contract, which is valid throughout the duration of the contract.

Based on price example presented in the picture, calculation according to the formula would look like this:

Electricity price €/MWh = 39 €/MWh + (37,72 €/MWh – 33,83 €/MWh)

How much can you save?

According to our calculations based on exchange data since 2016 the average price difference between Lithuanian and Finnish markets was only 3,46 €/MWh.

Thus, Lithuanian companies were able to save at least 3 €/MWh on average.

The company that consumes 100 MWh (or 100.000 kWh) a year would have saved at least 300 € a year.

It is a particularly cost-efficient solution to use the pricing system based on Finnish price in a long term because there are instances when electricity price in Lithuania drops below Finnish market price. In such case, the client saves even more due to negative difference occurred.

Finnish price

For companies consuming more than 100 MWh/year

Fixed price 0,21 €/kWh (before VAT)*

*This is part of the final price. The final price is calculated here »

*Price offer might vary every week or more often due to unpredictable (force major) circumstances

With commitment
Contract term: until 31.12.2025

Green Energy without ANY extra fee!

Why is it worth choosing Finnish price?

  • To save in a long term.
  • It is an almost predictable price that at the same time allows to take advantage of favorable market situation.
  • As the component of the price is variable, the final monthly price also varies. Therefore, we recommend this option for the business that are not very sensitive to fluctuations in electricity price, which might have impact on the cost price of goods/services.

Other relevant information

  • The Fixed Finnish price is for one time zone, i.e. in case the company uses meter of two time zones, the price will be calculated for the total amount of day and night electricity consumption.
  • The price of the ESO forwarding service is calculated in the usual way according to the time zones used.
  • Nord pool exchange prices for every hour of the day-ahead, as well as historical prices, are publicly available on internet.

Choose solution based on company’s annual consumption