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Fixed + dynamic price

Solution for diversifying the risk of a price change

What is a fixed+dynamic price?

This product consists of the ever-changing "Nord Pool Spot" exchange price and fixed price.

Why choose a fixed+dynamic price?

  • Diversify risks in a changing electricity market
  • You will be able to choose the level of participation in the "Nord Pool Spot" market, for example, to pay 30% of the final price for electricity according to the contractual fixed price and 70% at the dynamic exchange price
  • This is the price that you can predict, and at the same time take advantage of the favorable situation in the market

Customer Reviews

“We are a service supply company, so it is important for us to have a stable electricity price every month. In addition, most of our work is done during the day, when price fluctuations are higher. With a fixed price of electricity, we ensure stability for the entire duration of the contract. Certainly, the price may rise or fall depending on the situation on the market after the contract has been signed for a new term."

Choose solution based on company’s annual consumption