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Dynamic price

For those who want to have flexible conditions and save in a long term

What is a dynamic price?

It is a product that is based on the hourly changing electricity price on the "Nord Pool Spot" exchange.

Hourly rates are known the day before and are available on the stock exchange website. Therefore, it allows the business to react and plan its electricity consumption at a certain time accordingly.

According to the data of the stock exchange, it is observed that in the long run, companies that choose the Variable Price save as a result.

Why choose a dynamic price?

  • Over a long period of time, a dynamic price may be more favourable than a fixed price due to fluctuations in the market
  • This is intended for enterprises that can flexibly plan electricity consumption depending on the price increase or decrease
  • This is true for enterprises that consume electricity both during the day and at night and on weekends
  • Flexible and non-binding contract, which may be modified or terminated at the request of the customer

Customer Reviews

“We use electricity not only on days, but also on nights and weekends, when prices are lower. This is how we become quite attractive compared to the fixed price, the average price of electricity. This allowed us to reduce costs. In the long term, buying at stock exchange prices allows you to feel the pulse of the market, take advantage of its opportunities in a timely manner and properly prepare for price growth or take advantage of the downward trend immediately.”

Interesting facts about Dynamic exchange price

Popular in business

A large proportion of business clients in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries consume electricity at dynamic price


This is the average amount saved in the long term by a resident by choosing a dynamic exchange price instead of a fixed one (calculations were made in 2019)

TOP Scandinavia

The most popular product in Scandinavian countries

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