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Electricity products

For compensation for electricity produced but not consumed

1. Enefit UAB shall compensate the generating consumers for the amount of electricity produced but not consumed in accordance with Article 172 of the Electricity Supply and Use Regulations.

2. Since 2021 Enefit UAB applies the same principle of compensation to all generating consumers, regardless of whether they are household or business entities and regardless of the time at which the generating installations were built (the first compensation was paid for 2020).

3. The value of the amount of accumulated and compensated electricity is determined according to the arithmetic average of the prices in the Lithuanian price area of the Nord Pool during the calendar months of April-August, multiplied by the amount of accumulated but unrecovered electricity. In 2021 April - August the average price per 1 kWh is EUR 0.0698.

4. The accumulated compensated amount during the period 2021.04.01-2022.03.31 is determined by ESO. ESO shall provide the quantities to the supplier for the calculation of the compensation.

Flexible electricity pricing solutions

Taking into consideration the needs of the businesses we have developed special electricity pricing systems that are tailored for every company according to the nature of its activities and its particular needs.

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Electricity for all companies

Manufacturing companies


For other companies

Purchase of green energy

We will buy energy produced based on renewable sources from those with producer status.

Electricity price offers

Dynamic price

For companies that expect flexible contract conditions and the best price

Fixed + dynamic price

For companies that want to manage electrical energy price risk and use the possible reduction of price

Fixed price

For companies that want to plan and forecast their long-term costs

Finnish price

For companies that want to save rationally

Long-term contract

For companies that want to secure a very good price in the long run and use the Green Energy produced by a particular wind farm.

Green energy

With any electricity pricing you have an option to consume the Green Energy.

Find out why the Green Energy is WORTH.

Connection to Enefit is quick and easy

Electricity is like fuel for your car. You can choose where you fill up.


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Start consuming energy from the first day of the next month

Client reviews

“We are a service supply company, so it is important for us to have a stable electricity price every month. In addition, most of our work is done during the day, when price fluctuations are higher. With a fixed price of electricity, we ensure stability for the entire duration of the contract. Certainly, the price may rise or fall depending on the situation on the market after the contract has been signed for a new term."

Our partners

Electricity transmission system operator “Litgrid”, managing the flow of electricity in Lithuania and ensuring the stable work of the whole energy system.

Energy distribution operator (ESO) – who takes care of electricity and gas distribution network operation, maintenance, management and development, assuring their safety and reliability.

Electricity market news

Know more about the electrical energy market: news, prices, trends, products and more.