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Offer your location to join the largest electric car public charging network

Host a charger

Build revenue and traffic with our investments

Shops & malls



Office buildings

Recreational sites

More visits

Unlike conventional vehicles, EV trips are mostly planned with charging locations in mind.

Longer visiting times

EV drivers site visiting times are on average 20 minutes longer than non-EV drivers.

Future-proof revenue

As a location partner we'll pay a monthly fee for the space used for the whole duration of the contract.

Reputation boost

Join us on the journey to zero and receive a positive impact for your brand reputation.

What do we offer to site partners?

  • Investment into 22kW - 360kW chargers on your property
  • Cover electricity expenses for charging
  • End-client servicing (inc. app, client support, billing)
  • Full maintenance: charger monitoring & repairs
  • Payment of a monthly fee for the rent of your land


Public chargers

360 kW

Fastest charger


Green energy



Worry-free at each stage


Our product portfolio supports making personalised offers tailored to your needs.

Site construction

We take care of everything from electric works, charger selection and installation.

Charging operations

We take care of every aspect related to the operations of the charging point.

Our partners

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Enefit Volt is a reliable partner for you today and in the future!

  • We’re ready to invest in your charging station
  • We offer energy services to more than 700 000 customers
  • We operate and develop e-mobility charging grid in 4 countries
  • We offer our site partners stable income

Host a charging point

We will contact you in 3 working days.



We will contact the selected companies.