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Preparing parking lots for future charging solutions

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Increase your property value by investing in charging readiness

Real estate developers

Invest in energy efficiency and keep customers satisfied by offering them a smart complete solution, supported by our professional team and always available customer service.

Apartment buildings

Invest in a safe, fair and future-proof EV charging solution that enables smart charging for all apartment owners and helps to avoid high-cost power investments.

Commercial buildings

Improve your credit rating with the banks with this sustainable investment. We provide an A-Z solution at a better value than you can find anywhere else – guaranteed.

We provide an A-Z solution at a better value than you can find anywhere else – guaranteed

  • Flexible load control
  • The system monitors the electricity consumption of the apartment building and is able to direct all free power to electric car chargers. There is no need to increase the amperage of the main fuse.

  • Automatic billing for electric car users
  • Every month we send a charging costs report on all chargers to the apartment association who can add the costs to the utility bill.

  • Fast and safe electric car charging
  • Free power is equally distributed between all charging cars. When one car finishes charging or reaches the desired charge level, more power is directed to the other chargers.

  • Increases the value of your real estate
  • A parking space with charging readiness increases the value of each apartment.

  • Charging readiness for the entire parking lot
  • Enefit Volt installs special switchboard(s) to the parking lot of the apartment building where all residents’ current and future chargers will be connected.

  • A one-stop shop for a comprehensive and future-proof solution
  • We take care of the design, installation and maintenance of the charging solution, eliminating the need for residents and associations to deal with complex charging issues.

Enefit will cover the costs of the central system investment in accordance with the number of parking spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expensive installation. Few electric cars need charging today. Installing a charger for one or two cars is expensive and complicated, and involves additional costs such as drawing up and agreeing an electrical project.

Plug-in capacity. Buildings do not have enough connection capacity to install individual chargers for everyone. As a resident, buying additional amps is very expensive and can run into several thousands of euros.

Future management. There is a lack of knowledge on how to manage charging in a holistic manner, including how to bill for electricity consumption.

In order to address these issues, Enefit Volt has developed a complete charging readiness solution that meets current needs and removes the need for further costly investments in the future. Installing chargers becomes quick and easy!

Connection capacity. The building's electricity system has a limited capacity and has not been designed with electric car charging in mind. If the installation is not well thought out and new chargers are added, it is easy to overload the electrical system and the house could be left without electricity altogether!

Charger installation. By installing electric car chargers directly on the building's headboard, there may not be enough space for fuses. Even if the fuses of the first electric car charger can fit, future electric car users will not have a place to plug in the chargers.

Electricity billing. If a building has a large number of individually installed chargers that are not connected to a central management system, the billing of electricity consumed by a single car becomes difficult. Even if the car owners themselves transmit the meter reading from the charger, there will be a number of additional activities for many parties and the administration of the system will quickly become overwhelming.

That's why the Enefit Volt offers a transparent and convenient end-to-end solution. We take care of the design, construction, maintenance and ongoing management of the solution.

With a built-in charging station in the car park, installing each new charger is a quick and easy process. Customers can contact Enefit Volt directly and no longer need to obtain separate permits and approvals, saving the cooperative a lot of red tape.

The installation of electric car charging in a housing association is a foreseeable and large-scale investment, decided by the general meeting of the association. The costs of the investment are shared on the basis of an agreement between the housing association and Enefit Volt.

Enefit Volt will cover the investment in the central equipment of the charging system, which consists of a dynamic load control meter in the main building enclosure and an electrical switchboard or switchboards for connecting the chargers in the parking area. We will also take care of the ongoing maintenance and management of the entire system and provide a charging service to the residents of the building at no extra cost.

The contractor will cover all the work involved in setting up the charging facilities, including the installation of the equipment and the preparatory work on the parking spaces (excavation, installation of cable ducts and cable ducting, etc.).

The end-user, i.e. the user of the electric car living in the apartment building, will be responsible for the cost of installing the charger in his/her personal parking space and for renting or purchasing the equipment. For this, a contract must be concluded directly with Enefit Volt.

No. On-board chargers share a common electrical system and power for charging, and dynamic control of charging capacity is necessary to avoid overloading.

Dynamic management is ensured through the cooperation between the equipment installed by the service provider, Enefit Volt, and the management system, where only compatible chargers can be added. Another important aspect is the common accounting of charging costs and the overall monitoring of the chargers' performance, which is also platform-based.