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Always even temperature

Air conditioning has become more popular in Lithuanian homes, because in addition to convenient cooling, many air conditioners are able to heat to some extent.

Modern equipment is economical and efficient, always ensuring a uniform temperature and a pleasant indoor climate.

Calculate the most suitable solution

Five steps to a cool and environmentally friendly home


Use the calculator to find your most suitable heat pump with cooling function


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After receiving the request, we will process the data and provide you with an offer


Quick and precise installation


Pleasant cooling and greater satisfaction

Air conditioning solution calculator

We offer high-quality Samsung devices specially designed for cooling. The calculator helps you quickly find out which air conditioner is best for your home or cottage.


Air conditioning cooling area

What is the size of the area you wish to cool with the air conditioner?

Up to 30 m2

30 m2 to 40 m2

More than 40 m2


Distance between the indoor and outdoor unit

Choose the estimated number of metres between the indoor and outdoor unit.

More about installation »

Up to 4 m

5 m to 8 m

8 m to 12 m


Outdoor unit installation

Select the desired mounting method for the outdoor unit of the heat pump: wall or ground. In the case of a wooden or log house, or a wooden facade, we recommend installing the outdoor unit of the heat pump on the ground so that vibration does not spread in the house. In the case of a stone house, we recommend installation on the wall.

With a bracket on the wall

For rubber feet

Based on the choices you made in the calculator, we recommend the following air conditioners

Suitable for cooling up to


Operating range for cooling

up to

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Price with installation

Suitable for cooling up to


Operating range for cooling

up to

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Price with installation

Suitable for cooling up to


Operating range for cooling

up to

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Price with installation

Prices include VAT. The final price of the heat pump will depend on the individually matched equipment and the scope of its installation work.

Can't decide?

Contact us and our sales specialist will help you choose the best heat pump solution for your home.

Air conditioning is suitable for your home if:

You live in a private house, or in an apartment and are ready to apply for an installation permit from your association and local government.

Your room temperatures rise to uncomfortable heights in summer

The cooling area does not exceed 60 m2

Your home is open-plan

The area to be cooled is larger than 60 m2. What to do then?

If the area to be cooled is larger than 60 m2, we can solve it with a Samsung Multi device with several internal parts and one external part. This means that all rooms will have a cooling function and only 1 device will be visible on the outside.

Air conditioning installation

All air conditioners are sold with installation performed by long-experienced professional technicians.

The price of the installation depends on the features of the site and is added to the price of the device.

Precise installation

Air conditioning installation depends on the type of device. Wall mounted models are the most popular at homes, with the advantage of low price and easy installation.

Quick implementation

Wall mounted models only need one square metre of free wall space and installation takes about a day.

Together we will find the best solution for you

Our experts help you select and install the best air conditioner according to the area and structure of your building, the number of windows, the type of ventilation and the heating solution.

Why choose air conditioning?

  • Beneficial for health
    Helps to improve indoor air quality.
  • Alternative heating
    Can heat when the outside temperature is above 0 degrees.
  • Quick and affordable implementation
    Installation takes only half a day on average.
  • Environmentally friendly cooling
    Air conditioners are very energy efficient and therefore eco-friendly, helping to reduce your environmental footprint while providing you with the necessary cooling in summer.

The selection includes well-known brand air conditioners


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if the outside temperature is up to 0 degrees. With such a device, it is a good example to heat in autumn and spring, if the main heating has not been switched on yet. The air conditioner can work in both directions, cooling the rooms in summer and heating in winter. During cooling, heat energy is pumped from the interior to the outside environment, and vice versa during heating.

The appropriate model depends primarily on the need and the specifics of the room. Each device has its pros and cons. If you are not sure which air conditioner might be right for your home, request an offer from us and we will find a suitable solution together.

Air conditioning helps to improve indoor air quality. In addition to cooling and heating, these devices circulate the air in the room and can also filter it, thus ensuring a better indoor climate. Clean air, even temperature and the right level of humidity are important factors for well-being.

Depending on the model, air conditioners may have a timer, remote control, motion sensor, smartphone control option and air-drying function.

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