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Solar power plant

Become energetically autonomous and consume 100% renewable energy

Solar panel calculator

Find out how much energy your solar power plant could generate and how much it would cost!

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What are the benefits of a battery solution?

  • It increases the share of self-produced electricity consumption
    Adding a battery to a solar solution increases the consumption of self-produced energy by up to 20%. This also results in greater financial savings at the expense of electricity purchased from the network and network charges.
  • Uninterruptible power supply even in case of network failures
    When the network electricity supply is interrupted, an ordinary solar station switches off. By purchasing a solar station with a battery solution and a back-up box, an uninterrupted power supply for important loads is also guaranteed in the event of network failures.

The Huawei Luna2000 lithium ion batteries we offer are safe and reliable, and 95% recyclable.

The home storage device is quite small in size and will be installed on the wall or floor of a suitable room in your building.

Completed projects


Producing consumers

Already have a solar power plant? Get an offer for the supply of lacking electricity and compensation for excess produced energy.