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Upcoming developments in the electricity market

Freedom of choice gives more value to the consumer

green energy

Why is the liberalization of the electricity market taking place?

We are all used to choosing a mobile operator, a bank, or a daily shopping store. Finally, the day has come in in the energy sector when we can also choose our electricity supplier.

Although the European Union is obliged to move from the monopoly energy market to the liberal market, we all understand that freedom of choice brings more value to the consumer.

Our neighbors have long gone into this liberalization process: Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden. So, we need to get good practice from them, especially when our company belongs to the Eesti Energia group, which operates precisely in these and other countries.

electricity price chart

What changes await us?


The part of the price of electricity, which today constitutes the purchase and supply price, will no longer be regulated. The other part of the price — for electricity transmission and public interest services (VIAP) — will remain regulated.


Residents will have to choose their own independent energy supplier, which will supply them with electricity.

How will everything go?

Implementation of liberalization will take place in 3 stages.
Residents will be involved in one of these stages in terms of their electricity consumption.

Stage I. 2020

Population consuming
> 5000 kWh/year

Until 10 December 2020, you will have to choose a supplier.

Families living in individual homes that use electricity for heating, ventilation, conditioning, or electric vehicle charging.

Stage II. 2021

Population consuming
between 1000 and 5000 kWh/year

Until 10 December 2021, you will have to choose a supplier.

Families living in cottages or larger apartments using electricity for everyday household purposes.

Stage III. 2022

Population consuming
up to 1000 kWh/year

Until 10 December 2022, you will have to choose a supplier.

Persons living in small apartments and owners of gardens, homesteads, or other real estate.

It is not necessary to wait for your stage — it is possible to change the supplier TODAY.

Which supplier to choose?

There are several types of suppliers that offer electricity:

Independent suppliers that both produce and supply electricity

Independent suppliers that only supply electricity

Intermediaries who, in addition to their main product, also resell electricity

It is very simple to change your supplier

The procedure is very simple:

  • The contract is concluded even without leaving home.
  • We take care of all administrative formalities.
  • Choose at which price you want to consume Green Energy and conclude a contract without waiting for anything.

Why is liberalization useful?


History shows that competition in the free market, responding to the needs of consumers, brings new products and offers. This makes it possible to improve user experience and service.


Although the price of electricity depends on the situation in the market, competition and new derivative products based on various pricing forms undoubtedly bring tangible financial money to consumers in the longer term.


Freedom to choose Green Energy at a good price and directly contribute to the development of renewable energy, because its increased demand encourages the development of new energy projects in this field and helps to achieve the country-specific pollution reduction goal and energy independence assurance.


As an electricity manufacturer and supplier, we feel the responsibility to increase energy efficiency with you. So, we will share our knowledge and experience on how to use energy more efficiently.