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How to get support for a solar power plant?

How to get support for a solar power plant?

The submission of applications for support for the installation of a solar power plant has already started and will be open in total until 30 April. I don’t know if such calls will happen again this year, so this is a great opportunity to rush and take advantage of it.

April 8 5 p.m. we will broadcast live online how to fill in an application for support, discuss what documents will be needed and answer all questions. Register here »

How to apply?

1. On the EPMA website, select the instrument called “VP-EM-EE01 Installation of electricity from renewable sources in households 2021-04” and at the very bottom of the webpage, press the button “Fill in the form”.

2. Login through the electronic government gateway in your usual way.

3. After logging in, you will find the application form to be completed. Required data:

  • Applicant's name and surname
  • Applicant's personal code
  • Address of the applicant for correspondence
  • Tel. No.
  • E-mail address
  • Installation method of the solar plant, which the applicant intends to buy
  • Unique number of electricity consumption object -> object number can be found in Ignitis or ESO self-service
  • Accessories of purchased equipment -> if you need to install a solar power plant, select “Solar power plant kit”, if you want to increase the power of the existing power plant - select “Modules only (without inverter)”.
  • Power of the intended solar power plant in kW -> please fill in, for example, “8 kW” (it is important to record at least the planned capacity, which should not be more than 10 kW)
  • Consent of the co-owner (if any).
And that's it, you just filled an application!

Conditions for support of the solar power plant:

  • Support is granted to a solar power plant of up to 10 kW,
  • The amount of the aid is 323 EUR/kW (about 30% of the amount),
  • The power plant must be set up within 9 months of receipt of the support.

Important to know:

  • The financing is received by a natural person after the installation of the power plant.
  • Documents required for financing: contract with AB ESO, contract with electricity supplier, VAT invoice for solar power plant, etc. (compensation is received only after payment with the company installing the solar power plant).
  • It is not necessary to have a contract with the installation company for the solar power plant before applying for support. It is enough to know the size of the solar power plant you want to install (kW).
  • The size of the electric plant (kW) is estimated according to the annual electricity consumption (kWh) according to the formula 1000 kWh = 1 kW.

5 Steps to receiving support


In April 2021, applications for financing for the installation of a solar power plant will be accepted. Invitations are published on EPMA page www.apva.lt/parama-fiziniams-asmenims


In April, you receive an answer from EPMA on whether you will receive support.


Choose a company that will equip the power plant. Apply to AB ESO for receipt of connection conditions, after which a contract is concluded with the company that will install the power plant.


A solar power plant is installed. You are given all the necessary documents that you will have to submit to APVA for receiving compensation. By signing a contract with AB ESO, you become a producer consumer.


You submit the necessary documents to APVA and receive compensation for the installed solar power plant.

We understand that it may seem complicated, so we are here for you in order to help in this matter too.