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Consume smartly, produce smartly

Sell the accumulated amount at the best prices

Are you a prosumer and generate more electricity than you consume? Choose the net-billing and sell surplus electricity at the best prices.

Enefit will handle the purchase of the generated electricity.

Net billing Terms & Conditions

If you are a prosumer who has chosen the net-billing model, the amount of electricity supplied to the grid will be evaluated at market price, taking into account the price formed on stock exchange and the margin of the supplier.

The credited amount will be used to cover the bill for electricity supply. If the credited amount exceeds the supply bill, the surplus income from the electricity sale will be accrued until the end of the accumulation period.

At the end of this period, or upon changing to an independent electricity supplier, selling the power plant, or discontinuing electricity generation activities, any accumulated funds exceeding zero will be disbursed to the customer's account.

Utilize battery storage

Prosumers who have installed battery energy storage systems are likely to benefit the most. Batteries enable not only the storage and consumption of electricity when the solar power plant is not generating electricity, but also the buying and selling of electricity when market prices are most favorable, rather than immediatly upon surplus generation, thus capitalizing on price differentials in the market.

How to successfully utilize the net-billing model?


Become a prosumer.


Choose an electricity plan and enter into a contract.


Opt for the net-billing model.


Begin calculating your earnings from selling surplus electricity to the grid.