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Public EV charging

Connect to the Enefit Volt electric vehicle charging network

Try out the Enefit Volt charging network

We are constantly improving and expanding our public charging network. Join or sign up and try it out!

Find the nearest charging station

In 2024, we plan to install more than 150 new charging points across Lithuania.

All in one place with the Enefit Volt app

  • Find a free charger and connector
  • Book a charging session
  • Pay for charging
  • Review charging statistics
  • Download invoices

How much does it cost?


For registered users:

0.32 €/kWh


For registered users:

0.39 €/kWh


For registered users:

0.59 €/kWh


Public chargers

360 kW

Fastest charger


Green energy



Charging made simple

Activate charging with the Enefit Volt app or RFID card.

How to charge with the Enefit Volt app?

How to charge with the RFID card?

Become a site partner

Our mission is to create an environment, where it’s comfortable to charge your electric car wherever you are – at home, at work or on the road. To make it a reality, we are investing into expansion of our public charging network in Estonia, Latvia, Lihtuania and Poland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to become an Enefit VOLT customer, there are a few simple steps to take:
  • Download the Enefit VOLT app you can find on the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Create a user account
  • Select a suitable package
  • Add payment card details
  • Read the Terms of Use, give your consent, and you are a customer!

You can pay with the payment card you submitted when registering.

Money will be automatically deducted from your account after every charging transaction, a receipt will be generated and sent to the e-mail you inserted during account creation.

All charging history is visible in both the mobile app and self-service.

The Enefit VOLT charging card (RFID Card) is a plastic card that can be used to start and stop Enefit VOLT charging instead of a mobile app. We recommend using the card when you are not using the mobile app or are moving in areas where mobile data may be interrupted.

We will not provide you with a charging card automatically after account registration. You can order a charge card from the self-service or from the app. The cost for the charging card is 5 euros and it will be sent to your address inserted during account creation. Receiving the charge card can take up to one week depending on your location.

This is another identification option for the charging station network. The chip card is paired with the customer's account. The customer can choose whether to only use the app or the RFID chip for identification.

Make sure the car is completely off.

Try the process again (disconnect the cable from both the charger and the car and start over again with the app).

If nothing else works, the charger may be temporarily faulty. Contact our customer support at +370 526 19141.