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What is plan SUPERGREEN?

This is the first energy plan in Lithuania for private customers based on bilateral electricity agreements. Mostly, electricity will be generated in Lithuanian wind farms by Enefit Green, located in Šilalė and Akmenė districts, therefore the electricity supply will start from 1st of July 2022.

This unique plan allows you to fix the price for a long period and pay a stable electricity supply price for the whole 7 years.

After signing contract, we as electricity provider in advance reserve the required amount of electricity, the contract reservation fee applies to this contract. The maximum reservation fee is 302.40 EUR, which is spread evenly over the entire contract term 3.60 EUR / month, and during the contract a 100% discount is applicable.

If the service contract is canceled before the expiry of the term, the reservation fee is applied for the remaining unused sales period (contract term).

Calculation of the reservation service fee

The final amount of the individual reservation fee will be calculated on the basis of a) the actual duration till the end of the contract and b) the amount of electricity consumed by the Consumer during the previous calendar year, multiplied by the coefficient assigned to the amount of electricity consumed, cf. on the side:

Electricity consumption in the first calendar year, kWh Coefficient
<1000 0.20
1000-2000 0.40
2000-3000 0.60
3000-4000 0.80
>4000 1.00

The final amount is calculated taking into account the amount of electricity consumed by consumer objects during the previous calendar year, multiplied by the coefficient assigned to the amount of electricity consumed: (Sales period (months) - actual Sales period (months)) Booking service fee amount per month Eur / month x Coefficient assigned to the amount of electricity consumed by the user object. This condition also applies if the Suppliers terminate the Agreement and / or the provision of services due to the fault of the User.

Example of calculation of the reservation service fee when the actual Sales period is 20 months and the User's facilities have consumed up to 1000 kWh of electricity during the previous calendar year:

(84 months - 30 months) x 3.60 Eur x 0.20 coefficient = 38.88 Eur

We buy green energy from the following renewable sources:

We are 100% committed to a sustainable future. That is why we provide the homes of all customers with 100% renewable electricity.

Stable price

Regardless of fluctuations in the electricity market, the price remains the same until the contractual deadline, after which the price is reviewed again.

Lithuanian green energy

100% renewable electricity from our wind turbines.

Nature friendly

Zero CO2 emissions to generate your electricity.


Fixed price for 24 months, you can feel safe when planning costs.

Need advice or find it difficult to decide?