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Did you know you can change your electricity supplier?

That it costs nothing and makes no changes in your electricity supply?

You can go green and even pay less!

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With Enefit green energy Lithuanian household can

Save up to
50 €

1 675 kg
of CO2 yearly

Reduce emissions =
700 l
of burned gasoline

or yearly CO2 absorption of
75 trees

Calculated for Lithuanian household that consumes 5000 kWh per year. Monetary value calculation compares Ignitis standard package versus Enefit average sales price during previous month.

The energy we produce is green and local

100% renewable

Our energy resources are 100% renewable. We are partnering with locally established wind, solar, hydro energy generation capacities. In addition, our company Enefit Green is the biggest wind energy producer in Lithuania and the whole Baltics.

60 wind turbines

In Lithuania we possess altogether 60 wind turbines at 5 different wind parks, the largest of them are located in Šilutė and Čiūteliai. Wind energy produced in our parks results in one third of Lithuania‘s entire yearly wind energy production and we are about to increase our renewable production in Lithuania even more during the upcoming years.

Why choose Enefit?

  • Experience
    Enefit is subsidiary of Eesti Energia group, established in 1918, which operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Sweden. We have been on the Lithuanian market since 2007 and now have over 1500 business customers.

  • Energy production
    In addition to selling energy, we also produce it. We are one of the largest renewable energy producers in Lithuania and the Baltic countries with the most diverse production portfolio.

  • Expertise
    We aim to combine innovative technologies with Enefit’s knowledge and best Nordic practices to develop best solutions for both business and private customers.

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4 simple steps to start your greener energy journey

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3. Switching is easy
We will inform distribution system operator and make the switch for you, no disturbance to your supply. In the event of a change of supplier, ESO will send you new energy distribution agreement.

4. Enjoy greener life and smaller bills
It’s that simple!

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Every electricity consumer has the right to choose from whom he wants to buy electricity. While private energy users still have a regulated price at the moment, it is regulated only for public supply and not for the independent.

No, changing supplier does not affect the reliability of your power supply. Also, your electricity distribution will continue to be guaranteed by ESO.

Yes, every resident can sign a new contract and terminate an existing power supply contract by giving 3 weeks notice to their supplier.

Since ESO remains the power distributor - in that case call their short number 1852.

The cost of the electricity supplied by the independent supplier is only one component of the final price paid by the consumer for the electricity consumed. The user must also pay the distribution system operator (ESO) for the electricity transmission (transmission, distribution, PSO, system services). In case user buys electricity from the public supplier, he also pays public supply fee.

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The most important thing to know is that switching your supplier will not cause you any changes in your physical electricity supply. After choosing an independent supplier you will have two agreements instead of the one you currently have: with an independent electricity supplier for electricity supply and ESO for electricity transmission. You will have to declare your electricity consumption on ESO self-service portal,which will forward this data to an independent supplier. Accordingly, you will receive two invoices each month, first from ESO only for electricity transmission and then from an independent supplier for consumed electricity. Two invoices mean splitting amount you used to pay, not double paying.

Electricity supplied to you is 100% produced from renewable energy sources operating in Lithuania. Green energy is produced for you by our partners - local producers and Enefit Green wind, solar and other renewable power plants.

We ensure the supply of green energy through contracts with local producers. Also, each month guarantees of origin are also issued for the amount of electricity we supply to our clients. The register of guarantees of origin is managed by Litgrid. More information »

First of all, it must be remembered that changing supplier does not cost anything. When concluding a Sales Agreement with the Supplier, the Supplier informs the energy distribution network operator AB ESO that the specific customer has entered into the agreement and which date from the agreement will enter into force. The minimum period for informing ESO about the supplier change is 3 weeks, so if the customer wants the electricity supply to start from January 1, he must inform ESO by December 10 the latest. In the event of a change of supplier, within 2 business days ESO will send you an energy distribution agreement and a self-service link where you will have to declare your electricity consumption monthly.

You can always obtain up-to-date information on all applicable tariffs and payments for electricity supplied per calendar year, the comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year and the average electricity consumption of the same customer group by calling to us +370 5 261 9141.
During this year we will also develop a self-service portal where you can also find all the relevant information.