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08.03 2018
Enefit, an independent energy supplier, has achieved a turnover of EUR 24.3 million for the year 2017, which was an increase of 5.3% compared to the previous year. The number of company’s customers has increased by 25% during the same period. Currently, Enefit supplies electricity to more than 1,100 clients, and gas – to around 70 clients. Enefit predicts that after a significant jump of electricity and gas prices at the end of winter, the market will normalize in the coming few weeks, however, higher volatility of electricity prices could be expected during upcoming NordBalt repairs at the end of summer. More »
22.01 2018
The revival of the independent gas market, new energy efficiency initiatives and two months of forthcoming repair of the NordBalt connection are key factors that will have the greatest impact on the energy market in Lithuania this year, Enefit predicts. According to the Enefit development manager Edita Semėnienė, in 2018, the undertakings using electricity and gas can expect a greater choice, also a date from which household consumers will be able to purchase electricity in the independent market only may become clear. More »
06.12 2017
Žana Klusovskienė has been appointed to the Management Board of Enefit, an independent energy supplier, effective from 1st of December. She replaces Eesti Energia’s representative Karla Agan. Presently, the Management Board includes Edita Semėnienė as well as Janis Bethers, Chairman of The Board and General Manager of Enefit. More »
07.04 2017
On April 1, the management board of Enefit, the independent electricity supplier, was joined by Edita Brazytė who replaced Andri Avila of Eesti Energia. At present, Enefit’s board chairman is Janis Bethers, Enefit’s management director. The management board also includes Karla Agan of Eesti Energia. More »
08.03 2017
Last year, Enefit, a subsidiary of the largest Baltic energy producer Eesti Energia, sold 544.3 GWh of electricity to Lithuanian customers and made a profit of EUR 2.2 million, which is almost 10 times more than the year before. The company predicts a slight increase in the price of electricity in Lithuania in 2017-2018, and is considering further development as well as the possibilities of entering the Lithuanian gas market towards the end of this year, after Gazprom's compensation has been concluded. More »
20.01 2017
Smooth operation of NordBalt and other power links between the Baltic States will remain the prime guarantee of stable electricity rates this year, states the independent electricity supply company Enefit. Two other factors (tendency of petroleum and gas prices to rise and political decisions) may boost the increase in market electricity rates. More »
09.08 2016
Having introduced at the beginning of the year the possibility to purchase green power to its customers, the independent electricity supply company Enefit noticed the growing interest in this product. Currently, electricity produced from renewable energy sources constitutes approximately 50 per cent of the total amount of electricity supplied to the customers of the company. Green electricity is supplied on the Lithuanian market from Norway and Estonia under the guarantees of origin provided to Enefit. More »
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