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06.12 2017

Į „Enefit“ valdybą paskirta Ž. Klusovskienė

Žana Klusovskienė has been appointed to the Management Board of Enefit, an independent energy supplier, effective from 1st of December. She replaces Eesti Energia’s representative Karla Agan. Presently, the Management Board includes Edita Semėnienė as well as Janis Bethers, Chairman of The Board and General Manager of Enefit.

Having joined Enefit in 2016, Klusovskienė has been working as Head of Sales since. Before joining the company, Klusovskienė spent more than ten years working at a state-owned energy company, where she started as a client service specialist position eventually becoming Head of Large Clients and Independent Suppliers Department. During her role as a manager, Klusovskienė made an important contribution to market liberalization processes in Lithuania, and created the strategies for servicing large customers and independent market players.

"Žana‘s experience and skills will play a significant role strengthening our position in a free market for electricity and gas. While working with the most important company’s clients in Lithuania, Žana has demonstrated excellent results and we are delighted that from now on she can contribute to decisions on our common activities. This autumn we stepped into Lithuania’s independent gas market, and we look forward to sustained growth as well as bringing new products for business clients next year", Janis Bethers, Chairman of The Board, said.

Klusovskienė had been awarded a Master’s degree in e. business management by Mykolas Romeris University. She is currently taking courses at ISM Executive School.

Enefit is a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, Estonia’s largest energy company, operating in all Baltic markets already for around a decade. Last summer Eesti Energia has started its activities in Polish market announcing the plans to enter Swedish and Finish markets in the beginning of next year.

In 2016, Enefit supplied 544.3 GWh of electricity to its clients in Lithuania and earned a profit of 2.2 million euros, an annual increase by about 10 times.

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