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07.04 2017

Brazytė appointed as new Enefit board member

On April 1, the management board of Enefit, the independent electricity supplier, was joined by Edita Brazytė who replaced Andri Avila of Eesti Energia. At present, Enefit’s board chairman is Janis Bethers, Enefit’s management director. The management board also includes Karla Agan of Eesti Energia.

Within the company, Brazytė’s main responsibility is the implementation of strategic directions for business development. Having joined Enefit in 2012, up until the new position, she had worked with business development, as well as the development of products and sales. Brazytė holds an MA degree in Finance Management from Mykolas Romeris University.

“Edita has significantly contributed to a variety of Enefit projects in Lithuanian and foreign markets. We believe that this change gives Edita an opportunity to become even more involved in the activities of the company through decision-making on further development of business. In the nearest future we are to enter the gas market, and looking ahead, with favourable conditions in the market, we will consider supplying electricity to households in Lithuania,” Bethers said.

In 2016, Enefit sold 544.3 GWh of electricity to its clients in Lithuania and earned a profit of 2.2 million euros, an annual increase by about 10 times. Enefit is a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, Estonia’s largest energy company.

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