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21.04 2016

Enefit Introduces Possibility to Use Eco-Friendly Electricity to Business Customers

The independent electricity supply company Enefit offered business undertakings and other organisations electricity produced using renewable energy sources. From now on, the company ensures that customers who chose the product bearing the special Green Energy trademark will be guaranteed the supply of environmentally friendly electricity.

‘Market’s interest in eco-friendly electricity is increasing; so, we offered a new electricity product to businesses that will become the alternative for companies developing sustainable business models. The reaction of our customers when we offered them environmentally friendly electricity at the end of last year was very positive – 40 per cent of energy supplied to them during the first quarter of this year was produced from renewable sources,’ states Janis Bethers, Managing Director of Enefit.

Enefit customers choosing to use eco-friendly electricity include such companies as Neo Group, Cesta, Maltosa, Reitan Convenience Lithuania controlling the Lietuvos spauda and Narvesen chains, as well as other undertakings. All green energy supplied by Enefit is provided with the guarantee of origin proving that the energy was produced from renewable energy sources.

Having offered the new green energy product to the Lithuanian market, Enefit supplies electricity to its customers from the renewable energy resource portfolio of its parent company Eesti Energia where wind energy constitutes the main share. In 2015, Eesti Energia produced 360.8 GWh of electricity from renewable energy sources. As compared to 2014, this share increased by 21.3 per cent and amounted to 5 per cent of the total volume of electricity produced by the company.

Eesti Energia controls Narva, Aulepa and Virtsu wind farms in Estonia where the main share of environmentally friendly electricity is produced. Eco-friendly electricity is also obtained from cogeneration biofuel and waste incineration plants owned by the company, as well as Linnamäe and Keila-Joa hydroelectric power plants. Figures for the previous year indicate that 62 per cent of the total volume of environmentally friendly electricity was produced at wind plants owned by the company, 2 per cent was produced at hydroelectric power plants, and 36 per cent was obtained from other renewable sources.

Green Energy trademark indicating eco-friendly electricity was introduced in 2001, and Eesti Energia was the first company in Eastern Europe to offer green energy to its customers.

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