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20.04 2016

CEOs of Eesti Energia and it's daugther company Enefit are performing at the 5th Traditional and Renewable Energy Forum 2016

The 5th anniversary Energy forum will provide a strategic energy outlook on the Baltic region by analysing changes taking place in the gas, electricity and renewables’ sector. Special focus will be paid to the outcomes of successful completion of electricity interconnections with Poland and Sweden. Energy strategies along with challenges which still need to be tackled in order to ensure good functioning of common energy market will be presented by top energy sector leaders and policy makers. Amongst other participants, CEO's of Enefit and Eesti Energia will also be participating in discussions.

The first session about the electricity will be moderated by the CEO of Enefit UAB, Janis Bethers. He has been working for Eesti Energia's daughter company SIA Enefit in Latvia from the moment the market was opened for competition in the large business customer segment in 2008 and for a year is also leading the Lithuanian business of the company.

The first participator of the second session about renewable energy is the Chairman of the Management Board and CEO at Eesti Energia AS, Hando Sutter. He has been the Head of the company from December 1, 2014, and before that he has served as the regional manager of Nord Pool power exchange in the Baltics and Russia.

Full program of the Energy forum can be found on forum webpage

Forum is dedicated to decision makers in the public and private sector who wish to get a strategic outlook on energy issues in the Baltic region.

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