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13.01 2016

Lithuanian energy minister Rokas Masiulis visiting Estonian energy production: we're planning to buy out LNG terminal

On the second week of January, Lithuanian energy minister Rokas Masiulis visited Estonian energy production - Eesti Energia's Auvere electrcitity plant and VKG Ojamaa oil shale mining. During the visit, Hando Sutter, the CEO of Eesti Energia gave Lithuanian and Estonian ministers an overview of Eesti Energia's business. Also, discussions were held on possible co-operation in the field of energy. Ministers of both countries discussed the possibility of desynchronizing the Baltic electricity market form the Russian frequency area and the possibility of equalizing the competition conditions on electricity trade between countries of EU and electricity producers from third countries.

During the visit, Lithuanian minister brought out in the interview to Äripäev that game rules on the gas markets have also changed and LNG-terminal, GIPL and Balticconnector are leaving behind the period when market position could be used for dictating a high price. Masiulis stressed that there must be permanent alternative channels, and therefore, Lithuania is planing to buy out a LNG-terminal, that is currently leased for 10 years, in order to form a permanent solution from it for 30-40 years.

Visit of Lithuanian energy minister Rokas Masiulis. Photo: Estonian ministry of economy and communications

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