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01.07 2014

Jānis Bethers appointed as General Manager of UAB Enefit

Jānis Bethers is Chairman of the Management Board of the Latvian affiliate company SIA Enefit and will go on managing the two markets. The previous General Manager of UAB Enefit Arturas Syvokas has resigned.

Such changes in the management of UAB Enefit are driven by the company’s management optimisation and the fact that Enefit sees the Baltic countries as one integrated market that requires sharing the best practices among countries for effective long-term growth.

Karla Agan, the Energy Sales Product Division and Foreign Markets Director at Enefit, believes that Jānis is a capable manager who is familiar with the topics of energy sales and will be able to lead the Lithuanian energy company UAB Enefit successfully: “Jānis’ experience with managing SIA Enefit in Latvia will come in favour also in Lithuania, while helping him to lead UAB Enefit successfully in the foreign markets and to be a reliable and competitive energy partner to our customers.”

Jānis’ Bethers has been working for SIA Enefit in Latvia from the moment the market was opened for competition in the large business customer segment in 2008. He has acquired BSc and Executive MBA degree at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and has graduated from the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance. Since 2009 he has been holding the position of Managing Director and in the year 2012 was appointed as Chairman of the Management Board at SIA Enefit.

Under Bethers' leadership SIA Enefit has actively taken part in developing the local market and worked successfully on opening the energy market for business customers, becoming the second largest energy seller in Latvia, and holding this market position since active competition started.

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