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31.01 2014

Energy market overview January 2014

Electricity futures’ prices rebounded from December low-point. Estonian and Finnish Day-Ahead market prices more unified in January. Latvian and Lithuanian Day-Ahead market prices rose, staying relatively low. Gas futures prices stayed volatile in January. Transmission link EstLink-2 testing phase near end. Estonian Ministry of Finance supports gas public procurement. Electricity contract signed by 78% of Estonian consumption points. Latvian electricity end-user market expected to lack competition.

Cold weather and little precipitation in second half of January upped electricity futures and Day-Ahead prices. Estonia and Finland linking transmission cables EstLink-1 and 2 unified electricity prices in the two regions. Carbon emission permits prices increased considerably during end of month. Crude oil average price lower in January than December, continued volatility. US dollar strengthened, having a downward effect on crude oil price.

Energy market overview January 2014 »

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