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31.12 2013

Electricity market overview December 2013

Electricity futures prices fell to all-time low. Estonian and Finnish day-ahead markets fell to year-and-a-half low. Latvian and Lithuanian day-ahead markets fell to all-time low. Gas prices fell in mid-December, rose again in the end of month. Estonian electricity supplier Elektrilevi OÜ network invoice to decrease in January and April. Open electricity market awareness research published in Latvia. Two independent electricity suppliers lose sales permit in Lithuania.

Extraordinarily warm and wet December brought futures prices down. High amount of precipitation increased hydro reservoir levels to above normal for first time in 2013, decreasing futures prices. Windy weather decreased day-ahead prices. European Union voted for CO2 permit supply reduction. Crude oil price increase raises gas prices in second half of month. Weakening of US Dollar supports crude oil price.

Electricity market overview December 2013 »
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