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10.09 2013

Opening of Two New Eesti Energia Wind Parks Will Increase Wind Energy Output by 11% in Baltic States

This summer Eesti Energia has been installing two new dry land wind parks which are of importance to the Baltic States, thus increasing its wind energy output portfolio by 11%. The company has installed 26 new wind generations on the Pakri Peninsula and in Narva. The total capacity of wind parks in the Baltic States is now 640 MW.

Eesti Energia has opened nine wind generators at a park in the Paldiski District, where the Pakri Peninsula is found, each of them with a capacity of 2.5 MW. The other 17 generators, each with a capacity of 2.3 MW, have been installed by the leading producer of electricity in the Baltic States on a closed ash field in Narva. It is located alongside the Balti Shale Gas Power Plant. The wind parks have an output capacity of 61.6 MW in all, and they produce enough power from renewable resources to provide electricity to 55,000 households. Eesti Energia's investments in the wind parks amounted to EUR 90 million, or approximately EUR 1.5 million for every installed megawatt of electricity output.

Late in 2012, the total capacity of wind parks in the Baltic States was a bit above 550 MW, but the new wind parks have increased it to 640 MW. Most of the capacity is found in Estonia (355 MW), followed by Lithuania (225 MW) and Latvia (60 MW). Eesti Energia currently manages four dry land wind parks in Estonia with a total installed capacity of 111 MW. That represents 17% of all of the wind energy that is produced in the Baltic States.

АS Eesti Energia
AS Eesti Energia is an Estonian state-owned company managing oil-shale mining and electricity generation. The company’s operations cover a wide range of services from oil-shale mining and processing to electricity distribution and sales, as well as a variety of energy-related ancillary services. Eesti Energia operates in the Baltic States, Jordan and the Utah, USA. In addition to its Estonian activities, Eesti Energia sells electricity in the Latvian and Lithuanian open markets under the Enefit brand.

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