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Why Enefit?

Electricity packages that are precisely suited to your needs

We create a great value for you through electricity packages that are precisely suited to your needs. Our well-designed and planned products leave you free to choose how much price security and market risk you want.

We are constantly analysing the market environment to offer you the most from the free market, sharing key events with you in a monthly market review.

Switching to Enefit is easy

Switching to Enefit is easy. Our dedicated team of experts will gladly help you complete the process without delay. The team is always at your service and available to provide you with custom solutions.

Long-term stability

Enefit is a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, which is the largest energy company in the Baltic States. In contrast to the competition, Eesti Energia alone operates independently of external energy resource suppliers, controlling all of its own resources.

Our customers are guaranteed long-term stability and predictable electricity prices that surpass the financial benefits offered by any other Baltic energy company.

Unlike other major Baltic power companies that use imported energy resources, Eesti Energia uses only its own renewable energy and oil shale. Eesti Energia has the generative capacity to export a significant amount of electricity in addition to fulfilling the needs of Estonian consumers.

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