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Growing today to create a greener future tomorrow

Let's build the future of the energy industry together

Our efforts and ideas are powerful – we are 4,500 energy heroes in five countries, working every day to create green and innovative advanced energy solutions.

Our goal is not only to achieve zero emissions, but also to be the best ally to our customers on the road to sustainability.

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Why Enefit?

Become part of our team of energy heroes

We strive on a daily basis to be the best ally to our customers on the way to a greener future. Meanwhile, in our free time, we organize various events to relax, recharge and maintain an energetic team spirit. We believe that we can do more as a team!

Grow with us

Personal and professional development are very important aspects of self-improvement. We encourage the growth of our energy heroes by regularly offering them opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Receive a competitive salary

All our energy heroes receive fair and competitive remuneration, which is regularly reviewed to match the employee's professional skills and level of contribution.

Choose the most suitable work environment for you

We provide our team with various devices and smart digital tools that fully enable them to perform their job duties remotely. Your well-being is important to us – no matter where you work and what devices you use.

Make an impact

Every change starts with people. This is why we invite our energy heroes to express their views and contribute to the development of the company on a regular basis, so that together we can achieve our goals.

Start a career

Would you like to start a career in the energy industry? We offer internships and job opportunities to students and professionals who wish to change their career direction. At Enefit Lithuania, you will be able to demonstrate your skills and contribute in areas such as:

  • Engineering and technical sciences
  • Sales and attracting new customers
  • Business analytics
  • Billing
  • Customer service
  • Project management
  • Marketing
  • Public relations

Available vacancies

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There are no currently available vacancies.

Can't find a suitable vacancy?

If you are interested in working or entering an internship with Enefit, please send your application letter and CV to [email protected].

Other Eesti Energia Group companies are offering job opportunities as well. If you would like to gain work experience abroad, please contact the group’s recruitment department at [email protected].

We have everything you need for a job that will change the energy industry and create a greener future!

  • More than 15 years of experience in the Lithuanian energy market and more than 83 years of experience in electricity trading and production
  • Operating in five countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Finland
  • The second largest electricity trader in Lithuania and Latvia, and No. 1 in Estonia
  • The leading producer of renewable energy in the Baltic Sea region
  • Developing and providing customers with complete and smart solutions
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