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Enefit in Lithuania

Enefit is a free market energy seller servicing Lithuania since 2007. It is a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, the largest energy producer in the Baltic States and 4th Baltic Most Valuable Enterprise in 2015. Operating independently of external energy resource suppliers, Eesti Energia is the only Baltic energy producer in control of its entire energy production value chain. Our customers are guaranteed long-term stability and predictable electricity prices that surpass the financial benefits offered by any other Baltic energy company. Moody's credit- and unsecured debt rating for Eesti Energia is at level Baa2, Standard & Poor´s credit - and unsecured debt rating for Eesti Energia is at level BBB.

Enefit is awarded by Lithuanian Credit Bureau "Creditinfo" with a certificate "The Strongest in Lithuania 2015" that confirms companies and its management reliability and fulfilment of financial obligations.

Electricity production

Unlike other major Baltic power companies that use imported energy resources, Eesti Energia uses only its own renewable energy and oil shale. Eesti Energia has the generative capacity to export a significant amount of electricity in addition to fulfilling the needs of Estonian consumers. Eesti Energia follows a strategy of production diversification to ensure energy independence.

Team and customers

Enefit in Lithuania is comprised of a team of professionals who are ready to analyse each client's electricity consumption and provide the optimum solution. We are flexible and capable of making swift decisions. Our current clients appreciate our personal approach and high standards of customer service.