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Our electricity solutions have been designed to provide optimum value while meeting each customer's individual needs. We can offer you the benefits of the open market with an entirely risk-free fixed price for the maximum period. Agreement periods are flexible and can be based on the month, season, or year.

We cover every possible option with our products, giving you the benefits of both stable production and the open market.

Quick comparison of our products

Fixed Price

  • Price does not change for the entire period
  • Stability and predictability
  • Agreement period up to 5 years
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Base Energy

  • The base energy price is fixed
  • Best solution for large production companies
  • Agreement period up to 5 years
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Fixed + market price

  • You can decide how much involved in the power exchange you would like to be
  • Price for the fixed part does not change, Spot part changes in response to the market
  • Combination of flexibility and predictability
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Market Price

  • Price changes due to the power exchange
  • Flexibility and possibility to adapt
  • Take advantage of the market
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Fixed + Border crossing

  • Fix the future power price at the right moment
  • Choose a fixed power price in the financial market with a separate payment for the cross-border transmission
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Additional products

CO2 emission allowances

  • Sale and purchase of CO2 allowances
  • Financial trades of CO2 allowances
  • Consultations regarding the CO2 trade

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