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Frequently asked questions about natural gas

  • What is the procedure for changing the supplier?

    First of all, it must be emphasized that consumers may change the supplier free of charge. After conclusion of the agreement with the new supplier you must inform your former supplier about the conclusion of the new agreement and submit the consumption data for the last month. The new supplier shall inform the distribution system operator. The agreement with the new supplier must be signed and the distribution system operator and the former supplier must be informed no later than three weeks before the commencement of the supply. The supply shall be commenced from the first day of the month.

  • Signature, extension and termination of the agreement

    By signing the agreement the seller undertakes to provide natural gas and the purchaser undertakes to buy it during the sales period. During the sales period natural gas is provided for the price which is determined in Individual Conditions.

    The seller may provide the purchaser with the offer to extend the agreement for the new sales period for the new price determined in the proposal. The seller's offer shall be valid for the determined period during which the parties have to conclude a relevant amendment/change of the agreement regarding determination of the new price of sale of natural gas for the new sales period. If within the term of validity of the proposal the parties have not concluded such amendment/change, then the proposal expires and the agreement is terminated under the procedure specified therein.

    The conditions of termination of the agreement may vary according to the chosen product. In most cases open-ended and fix-term agreements are made.

    Open-ended agreement may be terminated by a written notice by one of the parties which must be submitted to the other party no less than 30 days before the expected termination or on the basis of the agreement and/or special legal acts.

    Vulnerable consumers are domestic consumers and also non-domestic consumers who use up to 20,000 cubic meters of gas in a year, may terminate the agreement in all cases by informing the suppliers 30 days before the termination.

    Fixed-term agreement can be terminated before the sales period only by the mutual agreement of the parties or on the basis of the agreement and/or special legal acts. In addition to the basis specified in special legal acts the seller is entitled to terminate the agreement unilaterally before the end of the sales term without applying to the court by providing the purchaser with a written notification 30 (thirty) days before the expected termination if the purchaser has materially breached the agreement (for example, fails to pay the amounts payable to the seller in a timely manner and does not correct the situation within 10 days after the receipt of a written seller's request to make the payment, delays the payment for more than 7 calendar days at least twice within the period of twelve months, the purchaser is subject to bankruptcy, restructuring or liquidation procedures, etc.). In such case if the agreement is terminated before the term due to the fault of the purchaser (including termination due to the material breach of the agreement committed by the purchaser, at the initiative of the purchaser and so on) the purchaser must cover the termination and capacity reserve fees.

  • Who is responsible for the quality of transmission and distribution of natural gas?

    The quality of transmission and distribution of natural gas is ensured by the system operators. Energy Distribution Operator (ESO) is responsible for the distribution network and Ambergrid is responsible for the transmission system. In cases of electrical supply disorders please contact the Energy Distribution Operator (ESO) by the Customer Service phone 1852. Gas emergency services phone is 1804.

  • Information which must be announced publically

    In accordance with the Description of the Publically Announced Information of the State Commission for Prices and Energy Controls (December 27, 2013 No. O3-761), Enefit UAB announces public information according to the following paragraphs:

    • Paragraph 6. Average wage of 46.08 EUR is determined for the members of the Management Board. Other benefits are not determined.
    • Paragraph 7.8. Enefit UAB does not provide technical maintenance services.
  • Useful links

    Here you may become familiar with the legal acts regulating Lithuanian natural gas sector:

    • Natural Gas Law of the Republic of Lithuania
    • Description of measures to ensure the security of natural gas supply
    • Description of the procedure for the diversification of natural gas supply
    • Description of natural gas accounting procedure
    • Rules for natural gas trading
    • Description of the standard terms and conditions for contracts for the supply, transmission and distribution of natural gas to domestic consumers
    • Rules for supply and use of natural gas
    • Rules for balancing the natural gas transmission system of Amber Grid, AB
    • Rules for the use of natural gas distribution system of Lietuvos dujos, AB.
  • What is the procedure of examination of applications?

    Procedure of examination of the customers' application

    1. Definitions
    Application means the notification, request or claim sent by the applicant.
    Applicant is a natural or legal person who has submitted the application.

    2. Submission and acceptance of applications
    2.1. The application shall be written in a free form electronically on the website, by e-mail:, by post: Konstitucijos pr. 7, 09308 Vilnius or by fax: +370 5 273 0772
    2.2. The applications shall be submitted in Lithuanian or English only.
    2.3. In his/her application the applicant must provide:

    • Name, surname, name of the company (if the application is submitted by a legal person) and submit a Power of Attorney if the application is submitted by other person than the company's director.
    • Date of the application.
    • E-mail address to present the answer to the application and contact information, i. e. phone number.
    • Describe the aim of the application and enclose related documents.

    3. Examination of applications
    3.1. The term of examination of applications shall be calculated from the date of receipt thereof.
    3.2. The employee who examines the application may contact the applicant and request additional information.

    4. Submission of responses
    4.1. The application shall be examined and the response shall be provided no later than 30 days within the date of receipt of the application.
    4.2. The response shall be submitted in Lithuanian or English, depending on the language of the application.

  • Where can I receive information about the rates and payments for natural gas provided?

    The newest information about the rates and payments for the natural gas provided, as well as comparison with the relevant period of the previous year may be provided by phone: +37052619141 or e-mail:

    The newest information about the natural gas distribution and transmission rates, the structure and conditions of connection to the systems and networks, data about operation of systems and networks, modernization, development, actual and planned investments to development of systems and networks, as well as offered types of technical maintenance services is provided on the website of AB Energijos skirstymo operatoriaus (ESO) (Energy Distribution Operator) and AB Ambergrid:
    Energy Distribution Operator »
    Transmission Systems Operator »

  • Where should I apply in case of a disagreement with an independent supplier?

    In the case of the failure to solve the dispute by mutual negotiations, the disputes shall be solved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. For more information regarding the settlement of disputes please visit the following website »

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