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Frequently asked questions about natural gas

  • What is the procedure for replacing a supplier?

    First of all it should be remembered that, for the consumer, changing the supplier costs nothing. After signing a sale - purchase agreement with the supplier, the consumer informs the distribution system operator LESTO about signing an agreement from a certain day x. This can be done through LESTO's self-service site Mano Elektra. The minimum period to inform LESTO about planned changes in supplier is a period of 3 weeks. So if a customer would like to get the power supply from the 1st of January, he must inform LESTO no later than 10th of December.

  • What changes after selecting an independent supplier?

    After choosing an independent supplier the consumer, instead of a single agreement with LESTO will have two: an agreement with the chosen independent supplier for the supply of electricity and an agreement with LESTO for electricity transfer. Electricity consumption, as in the past, is declared to LESTO, which will transmit the data to the independent supplier. Accordingly, every month you will have two invoices: first, from LESTO for the electricity transfer, and then from the independent supplier for consumed energy. Two invoices does not mean a double payment, it is a previous single payment division.

  • What is the price of electricity paid by companies that have not chosen an independent supplier?

    Businesses that have not chosen an independent supplier pay the guaranteed supply price. The guaranteed supply price is determined by LESTO and publicly declared on their website.

  • Signing of the contract, prolongation and termination

    By signing the contract, the seller undertakes to supply electricity and the buyer to buy it for the set period of the contract. During the period of the sale, electricity is supplied for the price specified in the Individual terms.

    The seller may submit a proposal to the buyer to prolong the contract of sale for the new period at a price specified in the new proposal. The seller's proposal is valid for the set period of time within which the parties have to sign the contract annex for the new electricity pricing during the new sales period. If during the proposal validity period, the parties do not sign such annex, the proposal expires and the contract ends at the day of its expiry.

    A non-fixed term contract may be terminated with one of the parties' written notice to the other party before at least 30 days or on the basis of the contract and/or Special legislative acts.

    A fixed term contract may be terminated before the end of the period by mutual agreement between the parties or on the basis of the contract and/or Special legislative acts. The seller also has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract before the end of the sales period, without going to court, with a written warning to the buyer before 30 days, if the customer in essence breaches the contract (eg, fails to fully pay to the seller for consumed electricity and does not correct that situation within 10 working days after receiving written notice, overdue payments for more than 7 calendar days at least twice during a twelve month period, becomes an independent supplier, purchases electricity for objects from any other electricity supplier without the prior written consent of the seller, the buyer has initiated bankruptcy, restructuring, liquidation procedures). In the case of terminating the contract before the end of the agreed sales period by the fault of the buyer (including termination when buyer fundamentally breaches the contract, as well as on the buyer's initiative, et al.), the buyer must pay a termination fee.

  • What parts does the electricity price consist of?

    The price of the electricity supplied by an independent supplier is only one of components in the final price paid by consumers. The user also has to pay for electricity transfer by LESTO (including transmission, distribution, PSO, system services), excise duty and value added tax.

    Example: electricity price components in 2014
    Example: electricity price components in 2014
  • What is PSO?

    Public service obligations (PSO) are services provided in order to implement the national energy, economic and environmental policy strategic objectives in the energy sector and ensure realization of public interests. The PSO fee is collected from users connected to the distribution network by the distribution system operator LESTO and users connected to the transmission network by the transmission system operator LITGRID.

  • Who is responsible for electricity transmission and distribution, power quality?

    LESTO is responsible for the distribution network and LITGRID for the transmission system, so the transmission and distribution of electricity and power quality is not an object of the agreement with an independent supplier. In case of electricity supply disorder, the consumer should refer to the distribution network operator – LESTO.

  • What is balancing? Do you need to pay extra for it?

    Balancing is the responsibility of the supplier for its client consumption portfolio forecasting. It is also the financial responsibility to the Transmission System Operator LITGRID for inaccurately predicted quantity. Balancing service providers usually include balancing costs in the price and do not charge separately. If balancing costs are not included in the price, then it should be clearly stated in the proposal. Enefit sells electricity to end users with balancing costs already included in the final price and no extra payment is required.

  • Whom to contact in a case of conflict with an independent supplier?

    If the parties fail to reach mutual agreement, disputes are resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. You can find more information about dispute resolution here:

  • Where can I get information about tariffs and payments for electricity supplied during the calendar year?

    The latest information on the rates and charges for electricity supplied during the calendar year, as well as a comparison with the same period last year and the average electricity consumption of the same group of consumers can be obtained by contacting us by phone +37052619141 or by e-mail

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