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Fixed Price

Natural gas price can be fixed for an agreed period

You have the opportunity to fix your natural gas price for an agreed period. The price will remain the same for the duration of the agreement. The final price will depend on the consumption profile of your company and the determined length of the contract.

The fixed price solution is the optimal choice if:

  • precise, long-term financial planning is essential to your company;
  • you are not willing to take a risk on price fluctuations in the market.


Why to choose Enefit?

  • A competitive price for gas
  • Friendly invoice payment terms
  • Clear and transparent contract conditions
  • The possibility to benefit from all the advantages of Enefit customers developed during the 10 years
  • Stability and cooperation with a professional gas seller ensured by the experience gained by our parent company Eesti Energia while selling gas to its customers in Estonia and Latvia for the fourth year now.

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Why choose Enefit? »

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