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How to Get the Best Deal on Electricity? Here Are Five Tips


In the past few years, local business became accustomed to purchasing electricity from independent suppliers. However, companies concluding new agreements or renewing the old ones annually do not always get the best possible offer. Here are five tips of the independent electricity supply company Enefit to help you obtain the best deal on electricity on the market. More »

Lithuanian energy minister Rokas Masiulis visiting Estonian energy production: we're planning to buy out LNG terminal


On the second week of January, Lithuanian energy minister Rokas Masiulis visited Estonian energy production - Eesti Energia's Auvere electrcitity plant and VKG Ojamaa oil shale mining. During the visit, Hando Sutter, the CEO of Eesti Energia gave Lithuanian and Estonian ministers an overview of Eesti Energia's business. More »

Enefit: the three unknowns in the energy market in 2016


Lithuania's energy sector faces interesting changes this year. Energy prices for business and domestic consumers will depend on the situation in three important areas: electricity and gas markets, as well as the implementation of the EU’s requirements on energy efficiency. During the next six months, three key questions have to be answered: what changes to the electricity market will be brought about by the new power links with Sweden and Poland? How long will the retrospective discount affect the gas market? What requirements for businesses will be provided for in the new law on energy efficiency? More »

Enefit reintroduces fixed-price contracts in Lithuania

Jānis Bethers 02.03.2015

Enefit will reintroduce the fixed-price offer to the range of services at the end of February 2015 as we have renewed the possibility to conclude long-term supply contracts based on the fixed price. We have returned this option since Baltic electricity system operators took steps that made it possible for suppliers to forecast the costs of electricity transport from Estonia and other Nordic countries. More »

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